Q & A with BackFirst Program Director and Physical Therapist, Michael Leary, P.T.

Dates TBD in 2018 - check your email for upcoming seminar dates

Light (lite) lunch provided

Join Program Director and Physical Therapist, Michael Leary, P.T. to get your orthopedic Questions answered. Michael provides an easy-to-understand anatomical context as well as strategies, tips and exercises to address your discomfort and get you moving in the right direction.    Michael will fill in the gaps of your orthopedic knowledge during this info-packed one-hour session.  Here are some common questions that will be covered...

  • Should I put heat or ice on my injury?  When do I use one or the other?
  • Why does my shoulder hurt when I sleep on it?
  • What are some ways to reduce neck and back pain at work?
  • Why do my knees hurt and "pop" when I go downstairs?
  • What is a frozen shoulder?  Can I prevent it?
  • I get headaches at work.  Anything I can do?
  • What is plantar faciitis? What do I do if I have it?
  • My doctor says I have bursitis in my shoulder.  What is it?
  • I think I have "tennis elbow." What should I do about it?


Learn how you can reduce risk of injury at work and at home.  Do not miss this seminar and the opportunity to get your questions answered.


Nutrition Workshops with Holistic Nutritionist, Danielle Repetti

Coming to the Divisions in 2018

Healthy snacks provided

In a rut in the late afternoon? Do you finish that snack and wish you had a better alternative?  Ever have a sugar high that isn’t worth the sugar low that follows?

What are the best choices to keep you sustained between meals? 

Join us on the Road to Fitness for some new snacking strategies.  We’ll provide a tasting table of new options and offer snacks and simple recipes that will give you lots of options for that late afternoon lift. 

 Our Holistic Nutritionist will compare some common snack choices and let you know why some of these aren’t as satisfying as others.  That late afternoon pick-me-up won’t let you down after this!